Not many people wake up feeling lucky every day. In fact, when sweepstakes are involved, even the luckiest person may not be guaranteed to win. While sweepstakes can have long odds and involve a little bit of luck, luck may not be the primary factor to winning prizes. In fact, people who consistently win sweepstakes exhibit the Three P’s: a positive attitude, perseverance, and patience.

Be Positive

If you don’t believe you have a shot at winning, you probably won’t put forth your best effort to win. A positive attitude is important to sustain the other P’s of winning sweepstakes and it can also make the waiting period a lot easier. If you have a lucky charm, try to keep it in sight when you’re entering or create a fun scrapbook of the prizes that you’ve won so far. It can also help to develop a winning mantra that keeps you in good spirits. If you have friends that are interested in sweepstakes, create a club to help each other stay motivated. At the end of the day, keep your head up and continue sending out the good vibes. By having a positive attitude, you’ll be able to not only increase your chances but enjoy the sweepstakes process as well.

Be Persistant

While it’s important to keep up the positive attitude, you also need to remember to enter a fair amount of sweepstakes even if your enthusiasm doesn’t match how you feel about your chances of winning. Try to set a reasonable amount of time aside to commit to entering every day. This will help you put in a consistent amount of time even on days when you’re not feeling good about winning. By preserving through the dry spells and sticking to your strategy, you’ll be able to increase your overall odds! It can also be useful to consult websites that have strategies on how to enter more sweepstakes in less time. If you’re struggling with keeping with it, it can be helpful to think about the potential experiences from all of your entries. At any rate, don’t give up. Don’t get discouraged! Quitting is a sure fire way of not winning.

Be Patience

Sweepstakes can be a frustrating activity, especially with the inconsistency and duration of winning. It isn’t uncommon for the minimum wait time to be notified if you’ve won a prize to be at least three months. It can take time to get your first win as well, but the wait will be well worth it. Keep in mind that even for experience sweepstake users, there will be dry spells and it’s important to still be patient with your other entries and opportunities. Without patience, the fun of sweepstakes will be very minimal. Try to stick with it and a prize will come along before you know it!

The next time you sit down to enter sweepstakes, remember to embrace the Three P’s: a positive attitude, perseverance, and patience. Good luck!

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