Are you new to the sweepstakes game? Everywhere you look, someone is having a giveaway! Amazon, your local furniture store, the cute crafty store you follow on Instagram, a large grilling company on Twitter- everyone is using giveaways or sweepstakes to promote their services or product. And it works! We share, we comment, we enter the sweepstakes- but, then what? This article will explain sweepstakes and giveaways. 

Sweepstakes Directory

Online, you can find many sweepstakes by category or ending date. For a first glimpse, check out this site to see a list of sweepstakes ending this month. There are sites you can pay to be a member and they will do all the research and investigate the legitimacy of each giveaway before recommending to their members. This helps you not waste time entering the scams.

Social Media Sweepstakes

Often, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Instagram and other websites or social media outlets will have a sweepstakes or give way. Businesses and even charities promote their products or services by offering a prize as they competing for attention from social media audiences.  Usually the entrances for these are incredibly simple, but be sure you either have a public profile so the company can tag you if you’re a winner, or check back the day the sweepstake ends.

Local Sweepstakes

It can really pay off big to be plugged into your local community! Follow all the local businesses that you can, they’ll often have giveaways. Enter your business card into local restaurant giveaways and just keep your name out there. Often people don’t even bother to enter- one couple in eastern Washington won a week long cruise simply because they were the only entry! Keep an eye out for local businesses like bars, furniture shops, restaurants, and gyms. Make note of any new businesses starting up because they will be marketing themselves with giveaways.

Text Sweepstakes

Instead of playing a game on your phone while standing in line, why not enter sweepstakes and sometimes instantly see if you’re a winner? Seems like a much better use of your time! Read this article here to see how easy it is. The only possible downfall is if your plan has unlimited texting, and you have usually automatically agreed to receive advertising.

Daily Sweepstakes

Did you know that you can increase your odds to win by entering sweepstakes daily? Not all sweepstakes allow you to enter daily. You have to specifically enter daily entry allowed sweepstakes promotions. This list of daily sweepstakes will keep you busy. The more entries you make the better your odds will be to win a daily sweepstakes prize. 

It really seems like a no brainer to enter some of these giveaways. The local competition is less, but usually requires more, while the online just needs some time or a willingness to see some advertising. Why not take a chance and see if you win!

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