Here are some of the techniques sweepers use to win big.


Any successful sweeper will tell you that the key to winning is a high volume of entries. Many contests have a specific number of times you can enter per day. Maximizing your entries ensures that you’re giving yourself the best odds at success. Elisabeth Leamy wrote an article for the Washington Post in which she interviewed sweeper Carolyn Wilman. Wilman is a seasoned pro when it comes to entering sweepstakes and recommends taking 1-2 hours a day to commit to the hobby. Wilman states, “It truly is a numbers game,” she said. “You can’t win if you don’t enter. And the more you enter, the more chances you have to win.” You can read the article in its entirety here.


So how does a person navigate the large number of contests while respecting the rules to each one? Wilman has thoughts on this as well. According to Leamy’s article, “For sweepstakes that allow multiple entries, she creates daily, weekly and monthly folders to keep track of how often she is allowed to enter. Then she enters as many times as she can for herself, friends and family.” She also recommends taking advantage of auto-fill software to help streamline the process. Mistakes on entries can lead to disqualification. This software helps increase efficiency, accuracy and can help you get it all done quickly as well.


Many successful sweepers are members of local sweepstakes groups. They come together to share contests they’ve entered and tips for doing so. Some groups even give out prizes to congratulate the winner of the biggest sweepstakes that month. According to an article written by Fred Meyer on, one couple met at their local sweeper group. Years later, the husband was shot in a random assault. His fellow sweepers came together to enter various sweepstakes in his name in order to help offset his medical bills. Having that sense of community is important. You can read the story in detail here.


Lastly, there is a trick sweepers use to ensure their entries are picked. If the mail-in zip code indicates a company was hired to run the contest, they don’t bother with any kind of special envelope. However, if the zip code is local, it’s a good indicator that the winner will be hand selected. Sweepers will find or create their own envelopes to help their entries stand out. Color, texture and smell are just a few ways they can spice up their envelopes. It’s not a guaranteed win but it’s worth a shot!

Sweeping is a hobby that requires diligence. Similar to gambling, the high of winning can fun yet extremely addictive. Find out what all the fuss is about and give this hobby a try!

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